About Fusion Food Blog

We are students from AAS 187B: “Asian American and Pop Culture” at UCLA.

Pop culture can be defined as mass consumer culture with mass audience that it is widely favored or well-liked by many people. Its products are distributed through technologies of mass distribution which are entertaining and commercial. Our group decided to explore the topic of fusion food, because food is a common medium that connects communities of different backgrounds together in the United States. In the past, different ethnic groups were lacking a common language for communication, but food emerged as a vehicle that could be understood by all mankind in both local and global levels. In our research, our group is going to explore the history of food pathways and how Asian food transformed into Asian American food (fusion food) in order to understand how Asian food culture is preserved or distorted through food consumption. Through this blog, we will discuss the emergence of fusion cuisine, what type of food is being blended in the contemporary food culture. We will also discuss the various dining experiences of our adventures and the move from a traditional restaurant to food truck business.


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