Hi everyone, We are Sharon Li and Lillian Tsang. We are originally from Hong Kong, but we are living in Los Angeles, California, the United States. Both of us have passion for learning how to make Korean food and fall in love with the culture. Last year, we joined the contest of Delicious Seoul Story. (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN-so8aV3us) Although we did not win the contest, we had a wonderful time of making the Korean and Chinese fusion dish, porridge/juk. This year, we are grateful to come back to join the contest again. We are going to make three of our favourite Korean dishes including OIMUCHIM, GGO JI and Bibim Guksu with a little bit fusion gimmick. Thanks Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Tourism Organization, and Asiana Airlines for organizing this contest. Last but not least, thanks for our great judges! Thank you for viewing and liking our video.

Recipe: for 2-3 servings

1)      OIMUCHIM ( Cucumber Side Dish )

–          1 scallion
–          2 cocktail cucumbers
–          3 pieces of garlic

–          2 teaspoon vinegar
–          1  teaspoon red pepper powder
–          1 teaspoon sesame oil
–          1 teaspoon sesame seeds
–          ½ teaspoon salt
–          ½ teaspoon sugar
1)      Slice the cocktail cucumbers into small pieces in round shape
2)      Slice scallion and garlic into small pieces
3)      Season all the ingredients with the sauce
4)      Mix the sauce with the ingredients well
5)      After mixing, put a little bit more sesame seeds and radish sprouts for garnish

2)      GGOJI  (Korean Thanksgiving Dish)

– 4 Crab meats
– 1 Scallion
– 4 Radish
– 1 Oyster Mushroom
– 4 Bulgogi Sausages
*2-3 eggs
*Some flour

1)      Slice ingredients into same size to make them look pretty
2)      Use toothpick to stick them together ( Important order: Crab meat -> Scallion -> Radish -> Mushroom -> Sausage because crab meat and sausage are not easy to fall off on a stick compare with Scallion and Mushroom when we do the pan-frying)
3)      Coat skewers with flour and then dip them in scramble egg mixture (put some salt in the egg mixture for seasoning)
4)      Pan fried the skewers with low heat, watch out for burning
5)      When the skewers turn to golden brown, you can turn off the fire and serve the food on the plate (Recommendation: Put a paper towel on the serving plate to absorb oil)

3)      BIBIM GUKSU ( Kimchi Spaghetti )

8 oz. spaghetti
2 leaves, red leaf or green leaf lettuce, shredded or thinly sliced
1 small cocktail cucumbers
¼ cup cabbage kimchi, thinly sliced
¼ cup vegetable fish cake sausage, thinly sliced
¼ cup radish, thinly sliced
1 egg, boiled and cut it into half
A Few drop of sesame seeds

3 Table spoon gochujang (Korean red chili pepper paste)
1 Table spoon low-sodium soy sauce
1 Table spoon rice vinegar
1.5 Table spoon corn syrup or honey
1 Table spoon toasted sesame oil
1 Table spoon toasted sesame seeds
1)      Boil water to cook spaghetti
2)      While water is boiling, mix the sauce for spaghetti
3)      Then, start cutting the ingredients into thin slices with same size to make the ingredients to look pretty
4)      Once the spaghetti is ready, rinse it with cold water and remove the water
5)      Mix cooked spaghetti with the sauce
6)      Serve with kimchi, red lettuce, boiled eggs, chives, sesame seeds, and toppings


It is because we love Korean sport, we wear red color clothes to support Korean national soccer team (BE THE REDS!). Also, instead of Korean pop song, we chose “Dokdo is Korean Land” to show that Korean individuals have strong nationalism, and they love their own people and lands.


  • Traditional Korean Side Dish (OIMUCHIM),
  • Chuseok Dish (GGO JI),
  • Fusion Dish (Bibim Guksu: American spaghetti with Korean ingredients and spicy dressing)

Background music:
Dokdo is Korean Land

Contact us:

Nureumjeok (Pan-fried Brochettes) onhttp://welcome.visitseoul.net/eng/sub/delicious/delicious_6.jsp#mp


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