A-Frame Food

Pan Fried Asparagus 

Ingredients: Aspragus, sugar snap peas, snow peas, rice cakes and kimchi puree
Taste: Exquisite!  The texture was what threw me off a bit.  The sugar snap peas and asparagus were cooked soft and the rice cakes were sticky, almost chewy.  The sauce was a bit sweet which made the saltiness of the asparagus and snow/snap peas have a nice flavor that fell between the two extremes.
Return Again: Possibly for this dish.
Recommend to friend: A bit pricey and small portions, but loved the taste on this dish – would order again.  A very friendly waitress and an interesting use of space (especially inside).
Improvement: Low lights and pretty noisy for a romantic date.

Sesame Leaf Wrapped Shrimp Tempura

Ingredients: fresh cucumber, herbs, shoyu dipping sauce with a spicy mayo and sesame seeds, shrimp dumpling wrapped in sesame leaf and deep fried
Taste: The shrimp dumpling was very flavorful with many different herbs combined to have a slight spicy taste. The deep fried part on the outside was a little flaky but also very chewy. The fresh cucumber was used supposed to be bitten after a bite of the shrimp dumpling and it allowed the taste to be cleared for a new bite. The dipping sauce was semi spicy and seemed to taste like spicy mayo in soy sauce. This added more flavor to the shrimp dumpling and allowed it to stand out.
Return Again: I would like to go back for a more formal dinner. The place would be a good date location.
Recommend to friend: Yes the servers were very friendly, but the price was a little expensive.
Improvement: I would have liked to have seen some cheaper items or a fuller description of the menu items since they were named with very elaborate titles.

Kitchen Fries

Ingredients: Purple Okinawan Potato wedges, yams, Korean sweet potato and kimchi sour cream and seasalt sauce.
Taste:  The fries needed the sauce (a bit starchy if eaten on its own).  The sweetness of the potatos were balenced with the slight spice of the sauce on the side.  They required multiple dips into the sauce (because the wedges were cut quite large)
Return Again: Maybe…
Recommend to friend: The price was a tad bit high, and the environment inside pretty noisy so probably not.
Improvement: Too small proportion overall – meant to share, but not enough for a bigger group

Blue Crab Cakes

Ingredients: Crab cakes, lemongrass creme, sides of lettuce and perilla leaves
Taste: The crab cake was a bit soggy, maybe because of the sauce. The sauce was very creamy like sour cream. The lettuce and especially the perilla leaf helped to even out the greasy and creamy taste.
Return Again: Maybe
Recommend to friend: Probably not
Improvement: The crab cakes were $16 for measly two pieces, and the taste was not fantastic. They should lower the price or have larger portions.

Swordfish Taco

Ingredients: with flour tortillas, spiced yogurt,tomato confit, cilantro,parmesan, toasted bread crumbs and onion
Taste: At first, I think that swordfish is a very interesting ingredient for taco. After I tasted it, it has nothing special. The portion is very small. The dishes costs $16 with only 3 pieces of taco.
Return Again: No. The food is pricey.
Recommend to friend: Maybe. It has a good environment for a date.
Improvement: Have a bigger portion for the dishes or reduce the price

Crackin Beer Can Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken, side of egg, pickled radish and salsa. The waitress said the cook marinate the chicken for 24 hours.
Taste: Nothing special, taste like fried chicken from Ralphs. There was dipping sauce but I don’t think sauce should be needed if the chicken is already marinated for 24 hours!
Return again: No
Recommend to friend: Nope
Improvement: Food, better selection and bigger portions.


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