Chego! Food

Ooey Gooey Fries

Ingredients: fries, sour cream sambal, melting monterey and jack cheese, cotjia, chillies, cliantro, Thai basil, pickled garlic
Taste: Not overpoweringly spicy, the cheese made the fries a pretty dense snack – but easy to share with friends. The cheese mixed with sour cream and cilantro and chile almost had a “Mexican” flavor, but a certain sweetness kept it from being just another “thousand island” dressing (though it had the same pink color) – not super ooey gooey after a while (solidified), but the fries remained crispy for the most part.
Return Again: Yes
Recommend to friend: Yes – many unique flavors
Improvement: None. Absolutely delicious.
3 PM Meatballs

Ingredients: Korean fried, shaved green onions, sesame, blueberry habanero salsa, polenta patty
Taste: Had an interesting texture  (almost tofu like?)- not super spicy, but definitely  nothing like i’d ever tasted before – almost like the inner part of a wonton – nothing like other bmatballs I’d had before
Return Again: Yes
Recommend to friend: Yes – if they like meatballs…and maybe if they don’t 🙂
Improvement: More vibrant/distinct taste – the flavors were quite subtle to me

Grass Fed Burger

Ingredients: Hamburger meat, white onions, garlic, tangy bbq sauce, crispy grilled onions, cilantro, green onions, bun with sesame seeds
Taste: very tangy and juicy meat patty
Return Again: Yes
Recommend to friend: Yes
Improvement: add fries to the meal especially since it’s a little pricey for just a burger

Sour Cream Hen House

Ingredients: grilled chicken, with fried eggs, Chinese broccoli, sour cream sambal, Thai basil, sesame, red jalapeno
Taste: The food has an very attractive presentation, and it smells good.I like the mixture of everything in my bowl which looks like a lot of ingredients in it. Also, the bowl has right amount of portion that I can share it with my friends. The uniqueness of this bowl is that it is a little bit spicy but the favor matches with all the ingredients very well.
Return Again: Yes
Recommend to friend: Yes. The food looks good and tastes delicious.The waiter delivered the food promptly with nice smiles. Also, Roy Choi was thoughtful to adjust the bench for us.What make a pleasant dining experience is not limited to food, but also good  customer services!I would like to give a thumb up for Chego!
Improvement: The bowl had too much sauce which made the rice too wet. Also, I would highly recommend if it had any food picture on the menu. It was our first time to visit Chego, and we had no clue which food was the most delicious or popular one, so we had to rely on the yelp’s review and other customers’ recommendation.

Chubby Pork Belly

Ingredients: Kochujang-lacquered pork, fried egg, pickled watermelon radishes, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, cotija cheese, peanuts, over rice
Taste: Surprisingly, the ingredients blended together much more than expected. The dish had many flavors to it. The pork, marinated in “kochujang”, a traditional Korean hot pepper paste, had a spicy and sweet flavor. The egg was just a normal fried egg, but not cooked all the way so that the yolk would blend into the dish. The vegetables were very fresh and the cilantro garnish that enhanced the flavor. Also, the watermelon pickles were very refreshing. Overall, the dish is similar to the Korean traditional “bibimbap”, which consists of many vegetables, kochujang, fried egg and sometimes meat over rice.
Return Again: Yes
Recommend to friend: Maybe, if the friend enjoys trying something new.
Improvement: Perhaps the food can improve on the visual aspects. Although it is very colorful and vibrant, it is not too visually appealing and rather looks messy and not clean.

The Beefy T

Ingredients: generous niblets of steak studded throughout hot chili fried rice. If i recall correctly, there was onion, pepper and bean paste on the side.
Taste: It had a little kick to it. It was decent, 6.5/10.
Return Again: yea but not in any rush.
Recommend to friend: I am a picky eater and i’m sure my friends would enjoy this bowl.
Improvement: The presentation of the food looked overly complicated. I expected just steak and chili fried rice. Not rice, steak and a whole garden.



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