Youtube Videos: Kogi Truck

“Ode to Kogi” by one of the Kogi FANS

It is a song which dedicated to the love of Kogi by one of the fans of Kogi BBQ truck, Chris Choy.

Lyrics: “Ode to Kogi” (“Kogi 아저씨”)
I’d follow you down all over town I’d do anything to get there
Where do we go? Somebody knows We jump in the car to get there
Kogi 아저씨, 어디를 가느냐? 먹고 싶다
(translation: Mr. Kogi, where are you going to?  I want to eat!)  I think that’s right.  Inspired by the Korean traditional folk song “San Toki.”

“Have you ever seen a commercial advertising of food truck business?”

“Kogi on THE NEWS!


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